Prof. dr hab. Wanda Maria Weiner

Principal Research Interests

Collembola: systematics, biogeography and phylogeny.

Current Research Projects

  • Synopses on Palearctic Collembola. Oligaphorurini and Hymenaphorurini. Cooperation with I.J. Kaprus' (Ukraine) and G. Paśnik.
  • Taxonomy and distribution of Hymenaphorura, Heteraphorura and Kalaphorura species from Central and Southern Europe. Cooperation with C. Fiera (Romania), M. Dabert (UAM) and J. Sternalski.
  • Heteraphorura variotuberculata Stach: Do the specimens from Poland and Hungary really belong to this species? Cooperation with J. Sternalski.
  • Revision of the genus Setanodosa (initiation). Cooperation with Penelope Greenslade (Australia).
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