Prof. dr Kazimierz Kowalski (1925 – 2007)

1948-1954 employed in the Department of Animal Psychology and Ethology, Jagiellonian University. 1955-1978 and 1983-1988 in the Institute of Systematic and Experimental Zoology. 1960-1978 and 1986-1988 Director of this Institute. 1978-1982 professor of zoology of the University of Oran, Algeria.

Correspondent member (1971), later full member (1986) of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Full member (1990) of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1994 - 2000 its President.

Kazimierz Kowalski was active in mammalogy, especially palaeontology of small mammals; he contributed also to the faunistics, zoogeography and taphonomy of rodents.

List of publications